A Safe Place For Professional Women To Belong . Grow . Heal

There's A CURE For Everything You're Going Through. Experience The CURE In A Safe Environment.

About The CURE Circle For Professional Women

"The Smaller My Circle Got, The Clearer My Vision Became." 

Trent Shelton

What is The CURE Circle? 

The CURE Circle Safe Place For Professional Women To

Belong . Grow . Heal

We’re Going After Your Doubts Not Your Dollars!

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The CURE Circle

"A Refilling For Your Soul So You Can Re-feel Your Purpose"

The CURE Circle is a woman's empowerment, personal growth, and self improvement community & culture hosted by Personal Growth Specialist - RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver.  

We focus on creating a thriving mindset for women who desire to do more than survive. 

Our conversations are authentic, intentional, and real. 

The information we share is transformational and the environment we engage in is safe and provides a relentless experience of empathy and excellence.

The CURE for Women offers accountability, coaching, community, encouragement, friendship, gatherings, inspiration, prayer, resources, success strategies, support. webinars, and much much more!

Our exclusive members only benefits includes:

⭕️ LIVE Gatherings

⭕️ Special Guest Speakers

⭕️ Hot Seat Sessions

⭕️ The CURE Huddle

⭕️ Quarterly Group Coaching -VIP RED Members

⭕️ The CURE 3 Day Retreat Opportunity 

⭕️ One-On-One VIP Day with RJ Discounts

⭕️ Member Spotlights - VIP RED Members

⭕️ Featured Friends

⭕️ Merch Discounts

⭕️ A Much Much More

We're refilling your cup so you can re-feel your purpose.

Its Time To Live a VIP Life

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If you're ready to refill your cup so that you can break through the day-to-day demands of doubt, fear, shame, guilt, rejection, and imposter syndrome to identify your worth and purpose, the wait is over!  

This Is Your Season To

  • Awaken Your Dreams
  • Break Out Of Limiting Beliefs
  • Discover Your True Self
  • Prosper And Be Well

You Belong In 

The CURE Circle 

The CURE Circle is a celebration of our uniqueness as women. 

We celebrate and embrace our beauty from the inside out.

The CURE Circle is not your typical community! 

It is a culture; a way of life for GROWN women.

Join The Winning Circle Today! 

We Provide
⭕️ Professional Insight

⭕️ Authentic Relationships
⭕️ The Path to Perseverance
⭕️ The Best Conversations Ever
⭕️ The Route from Fear to Freedom and Fulfillment
⭕️ The Key to Turning Your Struggles into Success

RJ Promise To Give You The Winning Experience You Deserve - A New Vision and a New Version of You!

Here's How It Works

1. Sign in and Create a Mighty Network Account for Free. 

2. Choose a CURE Circle Plan -  VIP Free or  VIP Red Annually.

3. Log On. Browse the Topics Including the Welcome Message. 

4. Create a Profile. Introduce Yourself.

5. Turn on Notifications. Invite a Friend. 

6. Engage, Experience, Empower and Be Empowered. 

Belong. Grow. Heal.  

In The CURE Circle

We Do Not Compete With Each Other ~ We Complete Each Other. 

The CURE Circle Is For You If You Are 

  • Sick and tired of doing life alone.

  • Serious about living life on purpose.

  • Seeking mature, like-minded professional women who want to see you win.

  • Committed to supporting other women in the quest for success.

  • Longing to be accepted, appreciated, heard, and healthy.

We believe in you and desire for you to see yourself as the hero of you story. 

We're rooting for you!

Why Choose Us?


You can be sure that your experience is full of 

Acceptance, Empathy, and Genuineness 

You can count on us to provide the insights, inspiration, and increased confidence you need in order to succeed.

You can come just as you are because you are good enough.

We Are Committed To Going The Distance With You. 

As A VIP CURE Circle Sister, You Never Have To Journey Alone!

We Inspire You To See, Be And Live The Impossible!

Take it From Nancy!

Kick Your Heels Off And Join Us For 

The Best GROWN Women Conversations EVER

In The Most Laid Back Atmosphere Imagined!

Intentional Conversations Without Judgment

We Are Our Sister's Keeper.

We Honor Women Veterans

50% off the VIP Red for all Women Veterans

Ask How

Our Core Values 

We Value Service Over Status and People Over Product. 

Our Core Values Include: 

Acceptance, Integrity, Experience, 

Leading By Example and A Safe Place To Grow.

Our Promise -  A New Vision And A New Version Of You 

When You Participate Fully And Do The Required Work.

Why The Circle?

We Choose The Circle Because The Circle Represents 

The Foundation of Who We Are and What We Believe. 

 We Are Complete.  We Stand Together In Unity.

The Meaning Of Our Colors

Red. Black. White

The White Circle Represents New Life, The Black Circle Represents Transformation, And The Red Circle Represents Manifestation.


Don't Delay!

 Join The CURE Circle 

We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon On The Other Side Of Fear

Where Life Is Happening And 

There's A Cure For Everything You're Going Through!